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WickClean is a WEIRD company!


1.  When you call us for a FREE estimate, we will actually answer our phone!
2.  Next, we answer all of your questions and give you a customized quote the same day!
3.  Then, we show up on time to do the job for you!
4.  Our crew is made up of clean-cut, background checked, fully trained professionals ONLY.
5.  Finally, you gaze at the wonderful workmanship and smile because of the easy process.
6.  You pay NOTHING if you're not completely satisfied.
7.  Cash, Check, Credit Card, its all good.  Even rolls of pennies will work if you want to be as weird as us!
8.  Last but not least, we have a pretty weird name!

I think we are all a little sick of the terrible customer service that exists today.Thats why we do things the right way.  We combine old school service with the latest window cleaning technology.  You can't believe the difference of using a professional service for this task.  You deserve it.  Spoil yourself.  Go to the lake this weekend instead of trying to clean your own windows.  We can handle it all.  We are ready to serve you.  This isn't our first rodeo.  Call us now to see the difference. (972)741-7813


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